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Requirements to system :Win2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/Win7

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Product ID:12005-17


DWG to DWF Converter, a batch converter converts DWG and DXF to DWF without need of AutoCAD. It supports AutoCAD versions from R9 to 2009. Yyou can select a folder, and generate a dwf file for each dwg file in the folder, then publish them to the Internet or your drawing management system.

Features Highlight:

  • • Convert DWG/DXF to DWF file directly, no AutoCAD needed.
  • • Support dwg/dxf file versions from R9 to R2009.
  • • SHX, Xref and Line width supported.
  • • Output three types of dwf:
         a) ASCII
         b) Binary
         c) Compressed Binary.
       Different types, produces different output file size, generally ASCII > Binary > Comressed Binary in file size.
  • • Command line allows to you convert dwg to dwf in silent without interface.
       With command line you can:
         Convert a dwg/dxf file to a dwf file;
         Convert all dwg/dxf files in a folder (subfolder is optional) to dwf files.